Monday, October 4, 2010

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Finally!!!!! After lots of meeting and lunches, we proudly introduce ..........

APPOEMN - Association of Professional Party Planners and Event Managers of Nigeria.
Please note the associate is still a work in progress and we will get better every day.

How do you join APPOEMN? Who can join APPOEMN?

Who can join APPOEMN?


You can join APPOEMN as Events planner/Manager or Party Planner/Manager who owns and runs a registered company or has worked for a registered company for over 3 years(Full Membership)

You can join APPOEMN as an Associate Member, this means you work for a registered company or you are training with a registered company.

How do I join APPOEMN?

From Monday, 11th October 2010 pick up your resgistration form from any of the two locations listed below. Forms are N5,000

DEADLINE TO REGISTER - 30th December 2010
Further details of required documents provided on the form.

The Omega Place (Omega Events) - 2b Saka Jojo, off Idejo Victoria Island Lagos
Zapphaire Events (Yaba Office) - 371 Borno Way off Herbert Macaulay Street, Alagomeji, Yaba

For further information, please call -08034452586

Some Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits
Members enjoy the following benefits:
·      Membership of Nigeria’s first and only most exclusive and highly selective wedding and event association.
·      Full company details listed in the Members' Directory.
·      Free use of the association logo and trade marks in company literature.
·      Direct hyperlink from the Members' Directory to each Member’s own website.
·      Referrals from prospective clients via the Association's website and advertisements.
·      Support, advice and assistance on industry related matters.
·      Advertorial space allocated on the association website.
·      Profit sharing
·      The use of association stickers
·      Association Certificate for your wall.
·      Participation in National Events/Annual conference.
·      Participation in Annual Fair/Ball
·      Workshops
·      Trainings

APPOEMN Annual Events

Annual Association Events:
1.   Annual Awards/Ball for industry – Rewarding excellence, Encouragement, Awareness, Publicity, Recognition, Strategic Alliance, Networking
2.   Annual Bridal Show – Publicity, Awareness, Education, Fundraising, Profit, Networking
3.   Annual Directory - Publicity, Awareness, Education, Fundraising, Profit, Publicity - Awareness, Education
4.   Annual Charity Event – Social Responsibility, Publicity, Awareness, Education, Fundraising, Profit, Publicity - Awareness, Education

Mission/Reason for APPOEM

The Mission of the association is to educate, advance and promote the events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries. The association also aims to give security, piece of mind to the client that our event planners are certified, monitored and accredited by the association to provide excellent service.
Reason for APPOEM:
1.   To demand professional and ethical standards in order to inspire client confidence and enhance the reputation and interests of its Members.
2.   Affiliation with local and international bodies provides education and idea exchanges. Membership keeps you on top of industry trends through educational programs such as seminars and annual events.
3.   Involvement means building relationships with other professionals from your region and beyond. The exchange that takes place grows your business contacts, as well as your potential client base, and/or provides you with employment opportunities
4.   Protect the public against fraud and unfair practices, and promote all practices which bring respect and credit to the profession
5.   Strive to cooperate with colleagues, suppliers, employees, employers and all persons supervised, in order to provide the highest quality service at every level.
6.   Support, advice and assistance on industry related matters

APPOEMN Officials

APPOEM Officials
Now – December 2012

President                                    Omolara Akinosho
Vice-President                            Funke Bucknor-Obruthe
Secretary                                     Kemi Remi-Dairo
Treasurer                                    Funbi Akinosoye
Public Relations Director           Gbemisola Adenekan
Education Director                     Jibola Ponnle
Events/Creative Director            Yewande Onabiyi
Logistics/Hospitality                   Funke Aloba
Association Admin                     Jumoke Abudu
 Board of Directors/Matrons
 Yewande Zaccheus
 Ronke Bajowa

*Next Election 26.12.2012

APPOEM Code of Ethics

APPOEM Code of Ethics
In order to maintain high standards in the Nigerian Event Planning industry, as well as providing reassurance to clients and potential clients, it is advisable for all to follow a voluntary code of conduct as listed below:

Each member of the APPOEM association shall agree to adhere to the following:
·      Promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the profession of the special events industry while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct.
·      Strive for excellence in all aspects of our profession by performing consistently at or above acceptable industry standards.
·      Use only legal and ethical means in all industry negotiations and activities.
·      Protect the public against fraud and unfair practices, and promote all practices which bring respect and credit to the profession.
·      Provide truthful and accurate information with respect to the performance of duties. Use a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products, performance expectations and other essential information.
·      Honour agreements with customers, clients, suppliers and services
·      Maintain industry accepted standards of safety and sanitation.
·      Commit to increase professional growth and knowledge, to attend educational programs and to personally contribute expertise to meetings and journals.
·      Strive to cooperate with colleagues, suppliers, employees, employers and all persons supervised, in order to provide the highest quality service at every level.
·      Respond to all enquiries within 48 hours
·      Respect client confidentiality
·      Disclose all suppliers that you have a vested interest in
·      Always pass discounts onto the client
·      Never give client details to any third party unless for the sole purpose of the event being undertaken
·      Respect copyright of all planners, coordinators and related suppliers
·      Represent each client fairly and honestly

Abiding by the APPOEM voluntary code of conduct will ensure that your business and the association will maintain a good reputation, resulting in recommendations from both event planners and past clients.

APPOEMN - Key Competencies

Key competences of an APPOEM Event Planner

Once a client has made the decision to employ the services of an APPOEM Event Planner, there are a number of key areas that you must show great competence in. The key areas of competences are listed below:

·      Planning, organising and coordination
·      Introducing new ideas
·      Dealing effectively with problems
·      Art of compromise
·      Assistance with mundane processes of planning an event
·      Negotiating with suppliers

Planning, organising and coordination - The event planner must be meticulous and ruthlessly efficient in keeping all activities on time and to the agreed budget. Detailed records should be kept so the event planner is always aware of which stage any of the activities are at. The main reason that clients employ an event planner is to save them time and remove the stress of planning and executing an event.

Introducing new ideas - It is essential that the event planner is able to bring new and exciting ideas throughout the planning process. In order to be successful in this area regular attendance at trade fairs and familiarisation visits to venues will be required, as well as keeping themselves up-to-date with trends and fashions.

Dealing effectively with problems - Due to the high number of individual suppliers and companies that the event planner must coordinate there is a large risk of problems arising. Contingency plans and well negotiated contracts become essential to the smooth running of the planning process. You also need to have the ability to roll up your sleeves and pitch in if things are not going to plan, whilst all the
time keeping a cool head.

Art of compromise - Sometimes monetary constraints restrict the requirements of a client or the wishes of a boss are at serious odds with the requirements of the booker. In these situations it is essential for the event planner to balance the available resources and the needs of all parties to produce an outcome that is acceptable to all those involved in the event organisation.

Assistance with mundane processes of planning an event - Event planning does have a glamorous and enjoyable side, but there is also the mundane and tedious side of event planning such as sending out invitations, coordinating responses, following up non-replies, arranging transport and accommodation requirements and dealing with high maintenance members of the party. The event planner should assume responsibility early on in the planning for all these process to allow the client to concentrate on their other roles.

Negotiating with suppliers - The client’s perceived value of an event planner will be greatly enhanced if you are able to deliver substantial savings to the client. This can be achieved either through discounting or value-added. Discounting is when the event planner gets a lower price than the client could have achieved by going directly to the supplier – for example, a venue would discount their rates by 20% from their published price. Value-added is where the event planner negotiates a better quality of service or product for the same price – for example, a venue will offer complimentary upgrades on accommodation for the events clients.