Monday, October 4, 2010

APPOEM Code of Ethics

APPOEM Code of Ethics
In order to maintain high standards in the Nigerian Event Planning industry, as well as providing reassurance to clients and potential clients, it is advisable for all to follow a voluntary code of conduct as listed below:

Each member of the APPOEM association shall agree to adhere to the following:
·      Promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the profession of the special events industry while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct.
·      Strive for excellence in all aspects of our profession by performing consistently at or above acceptable industry standards.
·      Use only legal and ethical means in all industry negotiations and activities.
·      Protect the public against fraud and unfair practices, and promote all practices which bring respect and credit to the profession.
·      Provide truthful and accurate information with respect to the performance of duties. Use a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products, performance expectations and other essential information.
·      Honour agreements with customers, clients, suppliers and services
·      Maintain industry accepted standards of safety and sanitation.
·      Commit to increase professional growth and knowledge, to attend educational programs and to personally contribute expertise to meetings and journals.
·      Strive to cooperate with colleagues, suppliers, employees, employers and all persons supervised, in order to provide the highest quality service at every level.
·      Respond to all enquiries within 48 hours
·      Respect client confidentiality
·      Disclose all suppliers that you have a vested interest in
·      Always pass discounts onto the client
·      Never give client details to any third party unless for the sole purpose of the event being undertaken
·      Respect copyright of all planners, coordinators and related suppliers
·      Represent each client fairly and honestly

Abiding by the APPOEM voluntary code of conduct will ensure that your business and the association will maintain a good reputation, resulting in recommendations from both event planners and past clients.


  1. What is the requirement of becoming a member of APPOEM and what are the benefits?

  2. What is required to become a member, ma firm will lik to b part of the registered with the association. Thanx


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